With DietMagnet

  •   Lose Weight Effortlessly
  •   Reach Your Dream Body
  •   Control Your Diet
  •   Overcome Night Eating Habit
  •   Don't relapse on Snacking
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The Friendly Snack Deterrent Fridge Magnet

The problem with raiding your refrigerator for late night snacks—besides the obvious weight gain—is that there’s no one there to tell you to put the food down and slowly back away. But with DietMagnet, you have a friend to remind you to close the fridge, put down that sandwich, and go back to bed. Not only will DietMagnet help you avoid unnecessary weight gain, it will improve your health, your energy levels, and help you overcome your late night eating habit. Your body and your health will thank you!

Stop Late Night Eating

Lose Weight

Keep Track of Your Diet

DietMagnet is here to Guard Your Fridge

Even though modern society demands long and odd work schedules, and makes lights and food available 24/7, your body needs to stick to a specific cycle to stay healthy. Normal eating schedules have become harder and harder to maintain. With our 24/7 lifestyles, we may have unwittingly allowed night eating to become an accepted part of how we live.

Nightly Raids

All of us are guilty of late night refrigerator raids once in a while. Sometimes a stressful day, depression, illness, working late, inability to sleep, or just plain boredom will draw us to the kitchen when we should be sleeping. You’ll likely agree that once dinner is over, your late-night snack options aren’t always healthy choices.

It's hard to stay disciplined

You are not alone! Millions of people struggle with late night eating. Its a problem that can eventually lead to obesity, diabetes, and depression.By shutting down the kitchen you’ll be more likely to eliminate consumption of late-night empty calories.

It takes great discipline and strong will to control the munchies and hunger attacks and it happens to all of us that we just can´t resist and we surrender the temptation especially when there is no one to tell you to stop raiding your fridge and put the food down.


Super Easy to Use

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Simply place DietMagnet on the refrigerator and turn it by 90 degrees.Congratulations, you just set the time.


DietMagnet will guard your refrigerator for the next eight hours and will sound an alarm when you open the door to sneak a snack!


And that’s not everything - Turn it twice for 24H non-stop protection.Hint - Perfect as easy-to-install versatile door bell.

Smart Technology

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Your Best Body without Effort

  • Change your bad night eating habits for good
  • Don’t ruin your exercise you put so much effort in with late night snacking instead reach your desired fitness goals.
  • Without full stomach not only will you sleep better but also have better mood the next morning.
  • Imagine yourself losing all that fat
  • Everyone will be jealous...

No Snacking Allowed!

The side effects of unhealthy late night snacking are obvious - weight gain, heavy stomach, inconsistent sleep, insomnia, fatigue, and regrets.But with DietMagnet, you have a friend who reminds you to close the fridge, put down that sandwich, and go back to sleep.

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